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Maneuvering and Ocean Engineering Basin Services

  1. Ship Maneuvering Test (Zigzag, Turning Circles and Spiral Tests)
  2. Feasibility Maneuvering Test in/near harbour entrance, shallows, and obstacles
  3. Sea-keeping Test with Measurements of Motions, Accelerations, Wave Loads and Added Propeller Thrust in all Wave Directions
  4. Sea Transport and Launching Installation Test for Offshore Structures
  5. Testing with Moored or Fixed Objects to Determine the Motion and Loads due to Waves, Wind and Current
  6. Offshore design appraisal
  7. Offshore hydrodynamic experiment
  8. Mooring design and analysis
  9. Sea-keeping quality investigation & model test
  10. Maneuvering quality assessment & simulation


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