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Maneuvering and Ocean Engineering Basin

Tank dimensions (excl. harbour) : Deep part 60 m x 35 m, max water depth 2.5 m
Pit part 5 m x 5 m, max water depth 9.5 m
Shallow part 45 m x 35 m, max water depth 1.25 m
Main and sub carriage : Manned, max acceleration 0.8 m/s2, max speed 2 m/s
Model : Floating or fixed structures of any kind, size depending on water depth and wave condition, from 0.2 m buoy model to 4 m long ship model
Wave maker : Hydraulically driven snake type capable of generating regular or irregular waves with period of 0.5 – 3 seconds with direction in deep part between 0o and 90o, 180o and 270o; in shallow part between 0o and 180o; with significant wave height up to 0.3 m
Measuring instruments :

  1. Self propulsion dynamometer
  2. Model Position Measurement Systerm for tracking 6 motion components
  3. Wireless Control System
  4. Automatic pilot rudder control system
  5. Accelerometer
  6. Pressure transducer for pressure variation and slamming
  7. Forces and bending moment transducers

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