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Towing Tank

Tank Dimensions : Length 234.5 m (incl. Harbour) x Breadth 11 m x Water Depth 5.5 m
Towing Carriage : Manned, Max Acceleration 1 m/s2, Max Speed 9 m/s
Ship Model: Wooden Model 4 – 9 m
Wave Maker : Hydraulically driven dual-dry-back-flap type capable of generating regular and irregular wave with period 0.5 – 3.5 sec with direction 0o and 180o and significant wave height up to 0.5 m
Beach : Fixed lattice on circular arc plates with movable part in front of harbour
Measuring Instruments:

  1. Resistance dynamometer
  2. Open water propeller dynamometer
  3. Self-propulsion dynamometer
  4. Trim meter
  5. Wake measuring instrument
  6. Accelerometer
  7. Pressure transducer for pressure variation and slamming
  8. Forces and bending moments transducers

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